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Where small businesses get big ideas.

Ariha Printing Press helps small business owners create expertly designed, up-to-date custom marketing – the assortment of products they need to look and feel professional, prepared and plugged in. Yes, we said assortment. It’s true that we’re best known for our business cards – and we’ve printed billions of them since Bilal Ahmed founded Ariha Printing Press in 1995.

But today, Ariha Printing Press offers so much more: a wide range of customizable small business marketing products; real-time access to expert ideas and assistance for people who need a hand; and a simple, straightforward experience for those who know exactly what they want. When we put it all together, our customers can easily design a consistent, cohesive look that carries across their entire business, whether they operate in-store, online, on-site or on the go. With that, they can walk through a door with confidence, know they can keep up with the competition and make things happen right now. Because now isn’t just a challenge. It’s an opportunity. And Vistaprint is here to help small business owners OWN THE NOW.

A Massage
from the CEO Shahid Mehmood

Ariha Printing Press is a family oriented business entity with an impressive track record of intensive advance experience of Integrated Printing & Packaging for the last three decades. it is a success reality of a shahid mehmood, ceo, a man of principles. His Devotion, Dedication and Commitment towards industrious up growing has inspired us to join hands with him to gear up the gained success. Also the efforts made by my sons, now as directors of the company cannot be over ruled. They too collaborate equally with due diligence to turn this unit into a Printing & Packaging Complex. This never ending struggle has embraced exhilaration in terms of Excellent rather than good. The core value of our business is to practice fair Business Principles, Ethics, Regulatory Compliance and Rituals. We do feel honor to be recognized as venture capitalist and it means to us. We do care the self - respect of the employees by acknowledging them as an asset. To be straight forward in both words & deeds has engraved deeply to me an inspiration of Self-indulgency, self-reliance and respect for the human rights by adopting judicious ways of life. A team of diversified professionals is being led by to follow the strategic decisions for the Organizational growth. Least but not the last, we are enthusiastic for Customer delight, Continual improvement, Competitiveness and exploring new business horizons.

Our apprehension is the assertiveness of our Vision to enhance both quality and quantity but not at the cost of endangering SH&E (Safety, Health, & Environment) We pray to Almighty Allah to bless with a substantial growth, not only to this Organization but also the manpower involved in all the activities at all levels. Bilal Ahmed Chief Executive Officer Ariha Printing Press M.A Jinnah Road, Okara


Our Motto

Top Quality on time fast delivery make exceptional an ingredient that is going into every method from accepting the task to printing and client receiving to the final product being utilized by the cease patron.

Our definition of fine is adhering specific as per our client's specifications and activity necessities we agree with we're partners in development of our clients.


Our Values

confidentiality among diverse sets of providers and customers exercise proactiveness preventive protection of gadget and ensuring proactive verbal exchange internal and outside work with and preserve moral customers & vendors devote only what we are able to deliver

Adhere to systems without any compromise there aren't any "short-cuts" to a process 'nicely-finished' continuous comments and verbal exchange both vendors and suppliers clearing as in keeping with phrases our dues closer to our vendors and suppliers


Here are our most valuable clients

Pizza Online

Dawood Public School

Atta Food & Biotechnologies Inc

Ali Noor Cotton Industry


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